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Be welcome to my webpages which will lead you through an amazing labyrinth of not so well known scientifically confirmed findings that can help you through the threats of actual civilized diseases.


The time has come where we need to fight back against diseases on cellular and genetic level. The classical mainstream approach will still stay as an important part of the whole, but parts of nutritional input will take more and more importance. Together (complementary) they can make you a survivor of a lot of illnesses.

There are a lot of holistic (complementary) solutions for most health problems. There are unfortunately poorly addressed in the classical medicine This for a big part by the monopolization of healthcare by the pharmaceutical industry.

Another problem is the degeneration of our food supply, with an addition of more than 900 allowed chemicals in nearly every processed food since the year 1960 We are walking around with a storage of toxic reminders of these added chemicals, 2 examples that will amaze you are Glyphosate in baby food – and a lot of meat products Arsenic in rice There are much, much more of these; which in the end make your cells too acidic. So due of these chemicals in our nutrition, we have a much too high acid content on cellular level which is an onset for obesity (deep fat) and a lot of other diseases.

The first thing to be done to restore a healthy status is to get less of this acid. You can consider everything as an extreme clean up on a cellular level. Once of the better “cleaning” products is for instance Hydrogen(H2) When the “clean up” is done, some failing body organs will be able to restore their function. From there on you can fight more successful your personal health problems All this is what you will find regularly addressed in my pages. A guidance to prevent or combat skin diseases, diabetes, breathing problems, and even certain cancers. So eat your health problems away by taking acid away from your cells and then change some items in your nutrition and over time you will become a newly created healthy person. I know that good nutrition is not always available for everyone, Therefore supplements from herbs and other nutritional sources are an alternative.

An example of what I mean I will address now the actual most discussed problem. The disastrously pandemic. Here is the concept of my findings of the COVID virus. More specifically how to block  the entrance of COVID-19 virus in your cells.

Please don’t wait for a “too little too little” vaccine. Scientists of the University of Pittsburgh discovered already the right molecule that completely neutralizes the COVID-19 virus. It is an antibody component (only 10% of the total antibody molecule of COVID-19) with the code name Ab8 which blocks the entrance of the virus in our cells I found out that an active component in oregano oil with the name Carvacrol is able to block the attachment (docking) of the COVID-19 virus to the same AC2 receptor  of our cell’s It prevents also the attachment to the same AC2 cell receptor (entrance)

Conclusion: Using masks with drops of Carvacrol oil will make you more protected.

To your health – Take care – Stay safe
Guy Van Elsacker

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Prof. Guy Van Elsacker DrSc. has more than 50 years of research experience. He became a specialist in the field of how human cells are created and communicate with each other (Crosstalk of Cells).
He spent last 4 years researching on how can molecular hydrogen help to diabetes and cancer patients. As one of the advisory board expert members of the European Institute for Molecular Hydrogen Therapy ( ) his aim is to support and help all health professionals who are involved in the field of molecular hydrogen therapy in relation to diabetes and cancer.

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International Conference on

Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology

October 07-08, 2024

Prague, Czech Republic

On behalf of the organizing committee, it is with great pleasure and excitement that I extend a warm welcome to all of you to the International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Biotechnology, focusing on the ground-breaking field of Biomedical engineering.

As the Conference Chair, I am truly honored to host this gathering of brilliant minds, researchers, scientists, engineers, and innovators from around the globe. Our collective goal over the next few days is to engage in dynamic discussions, share cutting-edge research findings, and explore innovative solutions that will shape the future of healthcare and biotechnology.

Guy Van Elsacker, Bio med Expert

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